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Gay Relationship Advice

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A Work in Progress

A place to come to discuss all things dealing with relationships. Join and tell all your friends!

1.) Abuse/harassment of other members will NOT be tolerated under any circumstances. If you have beef with somebody, take it out of my community. This is not the place for it.

2.) Immaturity will not be accepted, either. I expect everybody here to act like adults, no matter what their age is. Respect is the keyword here.

3.) Off-topic posts will be deleted, no questions asked. Please do not make a "Hi, I'm new to this community" post unless it has an on-topic question or comment along with it. This is not the place to hang-out, this is the place to have specific issues addressed. If you would like just a freindly group of fags to commune with, then I recommend gay_boys or gay_men.

4.) NO community promos. This is not the place for them.

5.) If you are still unsure after reading these guidelines if your post is acceptable and On-Topic, then here's what you should do: A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself before posting: "Does this post either ask for and/or offer solid advice regarding relationship between two wo/men?" If the answer is no, the it doesn't belong here. Plain and simple.

6.) I will not hesitate to enforce any of these rules, neither will any of the other moderators. If you seem to have a problem with one of our decisions (in enforcing a rule, asking that a post be altered, deleting a post without warning, etc. etc. etc.), then you are to take it up with me ONLY through my email, for all comments addressing such matters will also deleted. I will warn you now that if you have problems with a community moderator who actually does their job, then this will certainly not be the place for you.

have a question or comment? contact the creator of the community pastelpoetry or one of the maintainers: