Citizen XT99 (nightfun) wrote in gayrelationship,
Citizen XT99

Allot has changed

Well certainly from the last post I did a few months back things looked kinda bad. All that has changed now thankfully for the better. Me and my partner are embarking on a new adventure together. We just bought a house down in Tampa, Florida and will be moving in at the end of the month. I really cant wait because that means 100% privacy and 100% intimacy. We will finally be able to really get to know each other seeing as though we haven't had that chance here under these circumstances. Sure we are comfortable and very happy with each other but the idea of having peace and quiet and really getting to know each other is pretty exciting.

We have talked about the sexual/intimacy factor of our relationship and how he really wants to spice things up once we are alone. I am very if not extremely sexual and so just the idea of a strong sex life again is something that makes me cream my jeans! Sad to say I've had the urge to look around a few times but never ever acted upon it due to my love and loyalty to our relationship.

So time will only tell.
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