Citizen XT99 (nightfun) wrote in gayrelationship,
Citizen XT99

You know maybe I am making it out to be more of a problem than what it really is. Maybe I am just too sexually hyper and young for him I dunno. But I am 26 currently partnered with a man in his 40s. He's stressed out allot with work and money problems and home life while I am just home allot. We live with his ex-wife and her kid(yeah its a whole Jerry Springer life).  So needless to say even when we try to have a "private moment" it don't always happen.  The ex-wife is a needy controlling drunk who always has to be in every bodies business and her son(15) is always around as you can well understand.
We love each other that's not a problem. And there's no question about loyalty. It's the physical aspect of our lives that seems to be a problem. I being 26 am always in the mood while he seldom is. I guess its all the above listed problems that keeps his interests low. All I can say is that if I don't do anything "sexually" I go nuts and snap on him. A few times I've blown up at him over our limited sex life. I even find myself wondering what it would be like if I were single again. Just so I know I could have more sex more often. I mean before I met him I was always having sex. Not saying I was a slut or anything. I was just more active then.
I just wish I could find a way to calm my nerves about our sex life enough NOT to blow up at him all the time. Yesterday we were both in the mood. But we had a slight argument and we got stressed and thus we didn't do anything. Again its rare we even have sex, maybe once or twice a month!!!AH!
Am I being stupid? Am I making a big deal over nothing? Should I be more understanding of all the things he's going through and be more accommodating and be thankful he's as committed to me as I am to him?
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