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Straight Girl Needs Help

So i'm not in a gay relationship -BUT -this involves the gay community and i am BEGGING for some avice because i am completly confused....

To make a long story short- i recently found out that my gay (male) friend has a crush on me (I'm a girl), he told one of my good friends that he liked me, and he told her not to tell anyone but of course she told me :/ Just to clarify: he doesnt like any other girls, he's not bi-sexual, and hes only been with a girl once and that was in middle school (and that was before he came out). Is this possible? has this ever happened to anyone else on here? and even if not, what do you think i should do??? I'm sorry if this question doesn't seem pertinent enough, i just had no idea where else to go- i've tried searching it on the internet but nothing comes up on account of this is a pretty unusual situation....Thanks in advance to anyone who has input- im completly baffeled!
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