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Dealing with Break-ups

I posted here a few months ago, about what to do for the 3 year anniversary, but now the relationship is over. I've been okay, cried a lot, I've been journaling, talking to friends, the whole shebang. I'm not totally healed or whatever, but I'm doing pretty well I think.
Anyways, the ex texted me the other day at 3:45am asking if I was staying at my mom's or my sister's (I'm home from school over the break, and obviously can't stay at the apartment we used to share). It's very unlike him to be awake or texting at that hour, so when I woke up at 8am and saw the text, I responded 'At mom's, is everything okay?'.
He responded later 'yeah, I guess. I haven't slept in like four days, sleeping pills aren't working anymore. I think I was having a panic attack or something. I'm going to spend the rest of the break at my parents and maybe go see a doctor'.
Now, I know I'm the ex, but I also know him extremely well. I know that since the break up he's been having anxiety problems, which has been causing him to not be able to sleep well. I also now that he wouldn't lie to me about this stuff, he's better than that.
I'm not sure if I should contact his parents, so that they know what's been going on, he doesn't have a good relationship with them, so I don't know if he will talk to him on his own.
Should I contact them in case the situation gets worse?
Thanks everyone

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