LiZiLoLiPoP (lizilolipop) wrote in gayrelationship,

help please i need advice!!

Hi my name is Lyndsay. i'm 17 years old and am bi sexual. i've many girl relationships but i'm puzzled and left heart broken and confused by this one girl.
her name is elyssa. we met a year ago. i met her in a mall and it was like we sorta clicked. she wasnt the type of girl i usually go for but she was funny and smart and cute and just easy to be myself around. well i ended up asking her out and we were together for almost a month. well half way into our relationship she dropped the "i love you" bomb on me...i was speechless. at first i told her i couldnt say it cuz i wasnt sure...and then when i started to think about it, and i looked into the future i could see us together for a loooong time. i ended up telling her that i really did love her...and it was true...i started to fall so hard for her so fast that it made my head spin...but then she ended up breaking up with me right before out one month.she met my ex girlfriend at a group and broke up with me for her. her names nicole and i dated that girl for 1 week. and honestly it was one of the biggest mistakes i've ever made. she was one of those girls who said they were bi and dated girls to get the attention of guys who thought that was hot.she was also very judgemental.

but anyway nicole ended up treating elyssa like shit. they break up and get back together all the time yet elyssa keeps telling me she loves me. the only problem is i don't trust her. i feel like what she's telling me she's telling nicole. i mean she's lied to me alot in the past year about what she's said about me and doing things behind my back. but i'm one of thoose people who always give people chance after chance after chance. i just dont know if i wanna do it anymore. i don''t know whether i should believe her. i mean i've always been there ot pick up the pieces when nicole hurt her, i've stuck up for her and i mean she's just done me so much wrong i dont know what to think...i just don;t know how to get over it.
what should i do?

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